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1991 Bentley Eight Auto Blue - 52K - Sold
1991 Land Cruiser HDJ81 Turbo Diesel - 95K - $Call
1991 Toyota Hilux PickUp 2.8L Diesel 5 speed - Sold
1991 Mercedes G-Class 300GEL Auto Black - Sold
1991 Land Cruiser HDJ81 Turbo Diesel - 49K - Sold
1990 Land Cruiser HDJ81 Turbo Diesel - Sold
1991 Mitsubishi Jeep J53 2.7L Turbo Diesel - Sold
Canadian / In-Transit Stock: 1 Available
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Featured Vehicles

2.8L Diesel Hilux - SOLD

Bentley Eight - SOLD

MINT Diff Locks - SOLD

HDJ81 49K - SOLD

What is the buying Process?

We have two convenient ways that you can use to buy your JDM vehicle of choice. You can either choose to buy from one of our Canadian / In-Transit Stock or you can custom order any make / model directly from Japan...
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What models do you offer?

Our best interest is to give you the opportunity to choose from hundreds of models which qualify for import. If you are not sure which model is appropriate for your needs, we will be happy to advice...
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Why Japanese Auto Auction?

Virtually all Japanese used cars are bought and sold at major Auction Houses. 150,000 used cars change hand every week...
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Quality Control
Buying Process
Partner Program
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Benz G-Class 300GEL
Bentley Eight

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