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Canadian / In-Transit Stock: 1 Available

1991 (Aug) Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81V
Turbo Diesel VX Limited - Grade 4.0 with B interior
One Owner & All Original Truck

ONLY 49,960 km's $OLD

Who Needs a Brand New HDJ81
When you can buy one like this at fraction of the cost!

Dear Land Cruiser enthusiasts, here is an exceptional unit up for grabs. This is an Auction Grade 4.0 with B interior. As far as we know this will be the lowest mileage HDJ81 to enter Canada.

This is a one owner vehicle imported with original & certified 39,797 Km's. All records are verified to our exacting import standards. We have the original auction data sheet for confirmation. (It has been used as our Demo vehicle)

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If you may have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



4.2L Direct Injected Turbo Diesel (SOHC 6 Cyl. 1HD-T)
49,960 km's (only 31,000 miles)
Auction Grade 4.0; B interior with wood grain dash Climate Control - A /C
4 Speed Automatic (Overdrive 1 : 0.765) Turbo Timer, Grill Guard
Full Time 4 Wheel Drive (Low Gear Ratio: 1 : 2.488) Window Wind Deflectors
Center Console Cooler / Ice Maker Power Locks, Windows & Sunroof
10 Lts / 100 km's @ Highway Driving 100 km's/hr 7 Lts / 100 km's @ 60 km's/hr

Availability: SOLD
Door to Door shipping available

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Touched up stone chips on the hood & 1 inch long minor dent

Touched up scratch on the Hood

This truck most likely spent its running life on the highway, one more touched up stone chip shown.
There are few more smaller stone chips on the hood that can be seen by naked eye (too small for touch up)
There are couple of stone chips in the windshield.

MICRO CELL COMPOUND TIRES (almost full tread left)


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